7 Ways to Use Video in Real Estate Marketing

What’s more engaging: a video tour of a development or slideshow of renderings? The research points to video. Incorporating video into all levels of content marketing is proven to boost engagement and brand recognition. With social networks offering live broadcasting, the increase of video email marketing, and more support online for video content, adding video is easier than ever--and it doesn’t just have to be for real estate tours. There are seven ways real estate professionals can use video in their marketing.

     1. Interviews

Videos with people are more engaging than those without. Grow a stronger client base with video interviews! A video testimonial, even just thirty seconds long, is more powerful than a scrolling screen of quoted statements. There’s a name and a voice behind that endorsement. Interview a project manager about the construction update, or discuss with the architect how they came up with their plans for the development. Talk to property inspectors about what they look for or interview attorneys about what they do in a real estate transaction. Keep the video interviews concise or cut snippets from longer videos that to use for social promotion. At the News Funnel, we like to promote special interviews to build audience excitement.

     2. Open Houses

We did mention real estate tours previously, but we can’t skip mentioning the power of a good property video. Make your video more impactful as a live broadcast open house. Promote ahead of time and ask viewers for questions during the live tour. For new development launch parties, take virtual guests on a live spin through the event, stopping by the renderings or 3D model, introducing the developers, and closing with how they can jump on the new opportunity. If you can’t go live, drone photography adds the “wow” factor while giving the property a sense of place in the community.

     3. Behind-the-Scenes

Take customers on a tour of life beyond the logo and name. Show them what a day is like in the office, or share the effort that goes into planning a special launch event. A tech company can produce a quick video of a brainstorming session showing their brightest minds hard at work. Customers will love the look behind closed doors.

     4. Sneak Peeks

Getting ready for something special? Tease your audience with a sneak peek of what’s coming. Keep these videos short and be careful not to give away the punch line. For example, showcase something that will appear in the goodie bag given away at an upcoming conference. Build excitement by revealing a quick snapshot of a rendering for an upcoming mystery development.

     5. Product Launches

New product launches are perfect for video promotion! Let company leaders explain the value of the new product and the history behind its development directly to the customer. Use some screen time to show off key features and entice customers to explore further.

     6. Employee Highlights

Have a large staff? Create a video series highlighting the team. Let them explain in their words what they do and why the love their job. Show you’re proud of your strong company culture by sharing the wonderful things about your employees with your content strategy. A company that values its team members values its customers.  

     7. How-to Videos

A down-and-dirty how-to video is a great customer service troubleshooting resource. It’s also another way to promote a product or service. How-to videos can show off your expertise, as in a “How to Use Virtual Reality in Real Estate” or a “How to Pick the Right CRM.” How-to’s make excellent evergreen content that continues driving traffic.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment