7 Tips to Personalize Your Email and Social Marketing


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Personalization in content marketing will be one of the big trends in 2019. We’re seeing it happen already. Personalized emails increase transaction rates six times, but this trend is going beyond the “Hello [first name]” mail merge options. Apparently, 60 percent of marketers are struggling to deliver truly personalized content. What else can you do personalize your marketing?

#1. Email list segmentation

This is one of the basics of personalization, it but bears a mention because of all the ways we can segment our email lists. Break subscribers by their location, the time zone, their need, and behavior. Create lists according to your sales funnel, to what they’ve downloaded or signed up for, or what subscription they’ve bought.

Here’s the important step: once you’ve segmented the email list, you need to create specific content to that list. If one of your lists is for the Philadelphia market, and a winter blizzard is all the news, an example email header might be: “The weather outside is frightful, but our deals are delightful!”

#2. Suggest related content

Did they download a white paper? Send an email saying, “Hey! I saw you downloaded our paper on 2019 Investment Trends. You might like our blog on Investment Strategies.” Or create a pop-up that directs to related content when they reach the bottom of a webpage. Pop-ups can be for “before you go” behaviors, trying to woo the person to not navigate away.

#3. Behavior-triggered emails

I swear every time I’m using the graphic designer Canva, it auto triggers to send me an email. Think about how you could link a website visitor to triggered emails. Some e-commerce stores send “shopping cart reminders” to entice a purchase. I’ve had retailers send me a deal after a looked at a particular product on their webpage. What email could you send when someone searches your commercial real estate listing?

#4. Target social media marketing

Similar to behavior-triggered emails, look into how you could target your social media marketing based on behavior. Demographic data doesn’t really tell you all of the person or business’ needs. You need insights into what is driving their decision-making, and for that, it’s online behavior. Match your social content to personal needs and target your paid boosts appropriately.

#5. Greet website visitors by name

Such a small detail, but one aimed at leaving a positive impression. While not everyone will have an account or allows these cookies, a personalized, “Hello, welcome back!” is like a happy website’s Walmart greeter.

#6. Send from personalized email

This is another small change that makes it seem like a personal message. When Hubspot tested opt-in emails, they found the click-through rate increased to 0.96 percent from 0.73 percent when it was personalized with a person’s email. Don’t send from team@crexyz.com, but jane@crexyz.com.

#7. Match the landing page

Using funnels to move a visitor to conversion? Create landing pages that truly match where they are in their journey. Don’t ask someone who’s seeking more information by downloading a white paper to sign up to talk to a sales rep.

Personalizing your marketing

As you can see, small changes go a long way to making your content marketing more personal. Content marketing is about meeting our clients’ needs, and the push towards personalization is a natural evolution of our industry. If you need more ideas about creating the right content for your clients, talk to our experts.

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