7 Tips to Go Big with Microblogs by Sarah Malcolm


Move over, ebook: let’s make room for the microblog! Not everything about your written content strategy needs to be extended, well-researched white papers. Microblogs are “short and sweet” content, ala 250 words or less. Think of platforms like Twitter or Tumblr. Some content marketers have produced results using microblogs. They’ve learned some key lessons along the path to success, such as:

#1. Blog more often

Since microblogs are less than 250, maybe even 200 words, they’re less likely to be indexed by search engines in the way you expect. They’ll have fewer quotes to source for social marketing purposes, and a reduced chance of audience exposure. Solution? You’ll need to blog more frequently to reach your audience.

#2. Narrow down your topic

Since a normal-sized blog topic needs some specificity, imagine how narrow a microblog topic needs to be! Think of it this way: this blog lists several tips. Each tip could serve as an individual microblog. That’s the level of specificity microblog topics require.

#3. Don’t post for posting’s sake

So earlier we mentioned you need to post more frequently. Caution: don’t sacrifice quality for quantity! Each post must still have real meaning for the audience. Continue targeting your key demographic, writing informative or entertaining posts, and having a purpose to post.

#4. Participate in comments

Microblogs make great conversation starters. Pose a question to your audience, wait for their feedback, and comment back! Turn the microblog into an opportunity to better know who’s listening to you, their needs, and their opinions.

#5. Continue with best blog practices

A smaller blog doesn’t mean chuck the handbook out the window. Stay relevant to the industry and your expertise. Avoid overselling your product and continue delivering informative content. Microblogs benefit from selective keywords, tags, and images. Pair text content with images or videos. Link to worthwhile content.

#6. Sell personality on posts

For brands or real estate professionals with strong personalities, microblogs really work. The short medium is perfect to sell who you are without sounding too formal. Get personal. Share what’s on your mind, what project you’re tackling at the moment, or what the company is working on in the present moment. This draws the audience into the company.

#7. Keep promoting content

Even small blogs need big promotion. Integrate or share your posts across owned platforms to attract an audience. Consider boosting content that generates the most discussion.

Small or big, we’re big fans of well-written real estate blogs. Zero in on key practices, refine your small blog strategy, and type away!

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