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Instagram is on a Jack and the Beanstalk trajectory. The tremendous growth both in terms of users and in marketing means Instagram is set to surpass other established social platforms as a preferred social network. According to a Social Media Examiner report, marketers increased their Instagram use from 44% to 54% in the last 12 months. Over half already use Instagram, and almost three-quarters are planning to learn more about the platform. The same report had 63% of content marketers indicate they plan to increase its use over the next year. It's time for commercial real estate professionals to look at how they can use Instagram as part of their content marketing plan.

1. Be Square

Instagram presents photos with a square frame. Save time editing and cropping by changing smartphone settings to shoot on the square, thereby getting the right frame from the get-go. Learn more about snapping great photos on your phone.

2. Leverage your bio

Use your biography strategically. Pick the right text that will promote your brand and include a link at least back to your website, if not to specific campaign. Keep the bio updated with the most frequent information. Consider including a contact email.

3. Tag people

Grow your audience by using Instagram tagging capabilities. Tag other users to pollinate other Instagram feeds. The cross-promotion is great for increasing traffic and building relationships. Just be authentic and avoid the lure of automation.

4. Hashtags are your friend

Hashtags make the Instagram account discoverable. Include relevant tags to your industry into to the post description. Try the Explorer feature to see what's trending in the Instagram universe and jump on relevant trends.

5. Be video friendly

Remember Instagram supports video. The short videos draw the eye and create a visual story. Just remember Instagram videos are between 3-60 seconds. Try exploring Instagram Stories for more video content advertising.

6. Try sponsored advertising

Instagram supports advertising and sponsored posts. Use Instagram to promote your services to a targeted audience. Just like Facebook, Instagram includes ads with multiple images or a carousel element.

If you're planning to increase Instagram posting, do so strategically and make it part of your social media plan. Incorporate Instagram posts into your editorial calendar. Work on grouping  content creation and photos to save time in the future.

See how other real estate brands winning with their Instagram accounts. Learn more about what type of content works on Instagram, like going behind the scenes and grabbing client testimonials.

WeWork: Using a Square frame to promote WeWork Beijing on Instagram



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REThink CRM:  Using a short GIF-video on their Instagram account

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