7 Things to Think About Before You Hit Publish

Whether you’re a real estate content marketing expert or are just getting started as a blogger, there are a few must-do items to take care of before you hit publish and send your blog out into the world. Some are obvious —like checking for spelling and grammar mistakes— and others require a bit more time and attention.

Use this checklist to help you feel confident about your piece before you share it with the world.

#1. Craft a Compelling Title

No matter how great your content is, the title is what compels the reader to click through. When you create a compelling and descriptive title, you have a better chance of your post being read. And, by adding keywords that help describe what the content is about, you’re also optimizing the post for search engines.

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#2. Break it Up

No one wants to read a term paper on their mobile device. To ensure that your post has the best chance of being read, break up the content into short sections and use bullet points and subheadings where you can. This makes it both visually appealing and easy to digest.

#3. Link Past Posts

If you’re mentioning topics that you’ve written about in the past, be sure to link to those past posts. Doing so not only gives readers more information, but it also keeps them on your site longer. (Which gives them more opportunity to learn about you, your company, or your services!)

#4. Label Your Images

Are you adding images to your post? If so, be sure that they’re labeled correctly. A file labeled “Image_8394” can’t be found easily via search engines. But, if your image is labeled “Atlanta Real Estate Trends” —it’s more likely to be found if people are searching online for that topic.

#5. Ask a Question

Blogging is a great way to become a real estate influencer and get your audience talking —but what are you asking them to talk about? Be sure to have a “Call to Action” at the end of each post that asks them or compels them to do something. Maybe that’s to share their insights with you on social media. Perhaps you want them to sign up for your blog. Whatever it is —ask!

#6. Categorize and Tag

Have you picked the correct category for your post? This helps your readers easily find content they’re interested in via your blog and —if tagged properly— can help your post be found through search engines. Most blogging platforms, like WordPress, will ask you for the category and tags.

#7. Run a Spellcheck

No matter how quickly you want to get your new post out into the world, spelling and grammar should never be sacrificed. Run a spelling and grammar check —or, have a colleague read through it before hitting publish.

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Putting it into Practice

If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry —it doesn’t have to be. Our team of real estate content creators can help you strategize, write, publish, and promote your content with ease. Connect with us today to learn more!