7 Best Ways to Utilize Infographics


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

A good infographic is kind of fun. It’s an eye-catching way to simplify and translate otherwise boring information. A good infographic is more likely to be shared on social media than a link to a dense blog, no matter how worthy the information. How you can you use an infographic in your social marketing strategy?

#1. Repurpose Old Content

Infographics are an excellent way to bring new life to your best-performing older blogs! Choose wisely, though: thought leadership pieces likely won’t work. Pick a blog or video rich in data. Remember to link the infographic back to the original blog and vice versa for a traffic boost.

#2. Promote an ebook or white paper

Pull some facts from your well-researched ebook or white paper and create an infographic to promote the content. Add to the white paper’s landing page or include a link in your social media infographic posts.

#3. Summarize year-end/accomplishments

In a few weeks’ time, we will be inundated with year-end reflections and reports. Put a different spin on those data-rich reports by transforming the key highlights into an easy-to-read infographic. Of course, you don’t need to wait for the year-in-review. Any accomplishment worth celebrating might be the right inspiration an infographic. Example: on the brand’s five-year-anniversary, use an infographic to highlight its growth.

#4. Translate survey data

Have you recently conducted a survey? Rather than a slide show or PDF document, share the results with an infographic. The #DNAofCRE survey by Buildout and theBrokerList is an excellent example of how an infographic displays survey results.

#5. Simplify complex concepts

Do you have a complex concept you’re trying to translate? Like a DST1031 exchange to a newer investor or the blockchain for property transactions? Infographics help illustrate how things work or the relationships between similar concepts. Pick the right layout to make the process clear. Relationship infographics depend on directional arrows to show how concepts relate.

#6. Boost social media

Infographics make excellent social media posts! People are drawn to visuals; infographics catch the eye and offer useful information. A well-designed infographic will help build brand awareness, solicit social media shares, and potentially lead to new followers.

#7. Convert on landing pages

Forget using bullet points to sell your landing page conversion! An infographic makes the key points more appealing and convinces the visitor to take the action you want.

Creating infographics is a literal art form, so you’ll want to brush up on some best practices and color theory. Check out some examples of excellent infographics in commercial real estate. There are some online resources with infographic templates to help you, or you can consult a professional with graphic experience.

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