7 Best Real Estate Brands on Instagram

Instagram is a lead-generating minefield for real estate professionals using it correctly. Today’s content marketing values smart visuals more than text. The Instagram platform plays to this need. Users share high quality images and short videos that are easy searchable thanks to hashtags. Real estate professionals can leverage Instagram to build their brand and attract new customer leads. The residential and commercial brands below are leading the way in using Instagram to tremendous success.


Windermere Real Estate is a residential company with over 20,000 followers. They don’t just use one image to feature a property. Windermerere edits their posts to attractively layout several key images to shine the best light on featured properties. Single image posts stand out on their feed with focused interior decor details, like fresh loaves of bread on a wooden island, a fall-decorated mantle piece, and a whimsical kitchen backsplash. Occasional images overlaid with inspirational quotes convey the company’s personality.


This commercial real estate company is aimed at building smart investments. Hines is a property developer and manager. So how does a CRE developer use Instagram? By snapping engaging city photos highlighting unique architecture, by sharing photos of properties they’ve purchased or are partnering with for development, and by promoting its employees at corporate events.


Describing themselves as “Denver’s City-Living Experts,” Live Urban Real Estate uses Instagram to sell their brand. Between listing photos are highlights of what life is like in Denver. Yummy restaurants, nightlife, gardens, hiking, special events--Live Urban visually pitches Denver as a lifestyle destination. Want to use Instagram to promote a blog? They do, using dynamic images with text to announce articles.


Internationally recognized, multi-faceted real estate companies can struggle to capture their brand through social platforms. CBRE’s Instagram applies a very specific theme to great success: “buildings, spaces, and people that inspire us to transform real estate into real advantage.” That theme translates into the images and content they post on Instagram. They even wrote a blog tied to the Instagram bio about what factors transform cities into great places to live, work, visit, and invest.

Hawaii Life

We can’t fault the brokers for using paradise to their advantage in capture stunning Instagram-worthy visuals. It works. Listing shots are sprinkled in between images of tropical landscapes and turquoise waters. To make their account different from others featuring priceless views of paradise, Hawai’i Life uses Instagram’s video feature to sell the Hawai’i lifestyle. Followers view incredible overhead drone videos and walk-through property tours.

Cushman & Wakefield

Real estate Instagram accounts don’t always have to feature buildings and property listings. The account of CRE leader Cushman & Wakefield is a great example of using Instagram to focus on people. Followers gain a sense of the company’s corporate culture from its clever employee videos and silly posts of coffee portraits and air hockey. Posts are sourced from its global offices.

Haute Residence

This network of luxury real estate professionals has over 81,000 followers, all sold by Haute’s dynamic visual presence. Their photography focuses heavily on eye-catching architectural elements. Complimenting these visually appealing photos are stunning property listings, gorgeous city views, and professional renderings, all designed to appeal to a wide user base.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment