6 Things You Should Know About Content Marketing by Sarah Malcolm


Whether you're new to content marketing or looking to up your game, keep learning. There is always something new emerging: a platform, a feature, an audience...you get the picture. What are the most important tidbits to know about the face of content marketing today?

#1. The intention behind the content matters.

It’s not enough to just create content. Why are you creating this infographic? Why are you writing this email? What is the purpose behind your LinkedIn account? All content must have a specific purpose within your overarching strategy. Additionally, the content should match the touch points in your sales funnel. Is this content for building awareness or converting the customer? We talk differently to a returning customer than someone conducting market research for the first time. Our content should reflect these differences.

#2. Content marketing has scalability.

This is what make content marketing beautiful. Our flyers aren’t disintegrating in a landfill. We publish a blog post. Over time, its reach grows. Visitors continue to discover the content, engage, interact, share. It becomes material that inspires a podcast or a video or a guest post. Even social media posts slowly grow our brand awareness as each new follower expands our potential reach. Startups can scale their content marketing to the size of their business, increasing their efforts over time as the company grows.

#3. Content marketing never stops.

It’s not just one blog and done. Competition is fierce. We must constantly engage with the audience to stay top-of-mind with your ideal customer. You’ll need a plan to keep inspiration fresh. It’s how you generate new videos, new podcasts, new social media campaigns, new blogs, and so forth even after years in the business.

#4. Content marketing emphasizes mobile.

People are off their clunky desktops and on their handheld devices. Translation: our content must be optimized for mobile engagement. Ask yourself where people are engaging with the material: on the commute to work? At home when the kids are in bed? During lunch hour? And what are they accessing? Optimize, make it friendly, and make it accessible.

#5. Publication is a small step.

Scheduling a social post is easy, but it’s the least important step in effective content marketing. Measuring the content’s impact is more important. Analysis and reflection is crucial to implementing a strong content marketing program. Content should be responsive to the audience. Use analytics to revise the delivery message and format as necessary. Re-use your best performing content and retire the stuff that’s well past its use date.

#6. Content marketing is telling stories.

Content does not exist in a vacuum. You must sell your story, your service’s story, your customer’s story. Get your audience invested in message on an emotional level. There is a ton of self-emoting promotion out there. Storytelling cuts through this while delivering a powerful brand message.

Content marketing is increasingly important in the commercial real estate industry. It can be daunting to start and manage, but with the right resources, any professional can launch a strategy that generates the desired results.

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