6 Things Real Estate Brokerages Should be Doing on LinkedIn

There’s a lot of talk about how agents can use LinkedIn to network and find new business. In fact, we’ve written about it in our blog: 4 Winning Strategies for Real Estate Agents on LinkedIn. But, what about the brokerage itself?  

Reputation, market presence, and the ability to attract and retain top talent are high on the priority list for most brokerages —and LinkedIn is the one social media platform that can help with all three.

Here’s a list of six things that real estate brokerages should be doing on LinkedIn to maximize it’s potential:

#1. Have a Complete Profile

If there’s one thing that will stop your LinkedIn presence from resonating, it’s an incomplete profile. Make sure your LinkedIn brokerage page offers who you are, your history, your services, your location and more.

Coldwell Banker Commercial has a robust LinkedIn page that invites visitors to learn more about them. It’s also up to date with website, location and other important contact information so they’re easy to contact.

#2. Post Quality Content, Often

One of the ways to grow your market presence as a brokerage is to produce quality content that will resonate with your audience and establish you as a thought-leader. LinkedIn is a great platform for sharing your content. To do so, make sure you’re posting regular updates with links to your custom content.

NAI Global is a great example. They create custom content for their blog and then share it across their brokerage LinkedIn page.

#3. Attract Job Seekers

Another way to use LinkedIn is to attract new agents via LinkedIn’s job posting abilities. Not only will applicants learn about available positions, they’ll be able to view and follow your company page, and can receive notifications when you post and share new content.

Residential brokerage Keller Williams uses the job posting function to post new opportunities on a regular basis, and is a good example of how to execute this tip.

#4. Ask for Promotion

As a brokerage, you likely have a number of agents under your umbrella. Be sure that they’re following your company LinkedIn page so they get notifications of your activity —and don’t be afraid to ask them to promote and share any content that they think would resonate with their own professional network.

You can also point your agents towards this blog —21 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Blog— for some best practices on how to get maximum exposure.

#5. Tailor Your Message

It’s also important to remember that the way you construct a post for Facebook or Twitter is not the same for LinkedIn. This social platform is far more professional than others. Sharing content should be done tastefully and with your target market in mind.

Remember, you’re speaking to professionals who could be buyers, sellers, investors, or even agents looking for a new place to hang their hat.  

#6. Include Featured Groups

Lastly, if your brokerage has a LinkedIn group (outside of the company page), be sure to add that to the featured groups section of your page so visitors can easily join in the conversation. LinkedIn provides this outline on how to add groups to your page.

Putting it into Practice

Looking for some help to grow your brokerage’s LinkedIn presence? Let our team of real estate content marketers and social media managers help you see results. Connect today!


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