6 Reasons You Need to Invest in Content Marketing


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Marketing has always represented a hefty slice of the business operations budget pie, but there's no reason to waste a single penny when content marketing improves the return on investment. Blanket advertising like direct mail and leaflets wastes effort and money. Real estate content marketing makes sense--and cents. The targeted marketing capabilities reach the right people and retain current customers, but an investment in content marketing accomplishes much more, like:

Drive website traffic

Business cards sure are cute, but they don't send people to your websites. Why? Too many steps. The recipients need to access the internet and type in the web address, which they are unlikely to do when meeting you or in the hours afterward. Content marketing supplies what your audience seeks and they discover you naturally. They are already online looking at information. When someone searches the web for a topic, like about virtual reality in real estate, the search engine delivers the blog from your website. One click and boom! Instant website traffic and a low-cost opportunity to organically acquire a new customer.

Lead generation

Your next client could be someone you have interacted with at all. Content marketing allows people to discover you organically. Besides search engine queries, another way visitors discover your brand is by scrolling through their social media news feeds and viewing a share from one of their followers or seeing sponsored content. All it takes is a single click for someone to access your website, get interested, and contact via your online form or other information. Use smart content marketing practices to capture their information and generate real, interested leads.

Low customer acquisition cost

Understanding your customer acquisition cost is key to measuring the value of content marketing. Some figures say successful software-as-a-service companies should spend between 20 to 30% of a customer's lifetime value on acquisition. Content marketing is straightforward to track, easier to pinpoint target audiences, and cheaper than traditional marketing avenues. Translation: lower customer acquisition cost.

Customer engagement

The only engagement brands earn with a television commercial is when the viewers use the fast-forward button. Traditional marketing campaigns with flyers and direct mailing lacks feedback. Content marketing tracks data from how many people clicked on a particular link on an email campaign to how many people liked an Instagram post. In some cases, the customer becomes the content marketing when companies share testimonials, create social contests, and receive customer reviews on their social media networks.

Evergreen content

Talk about organic! Evergreen content is the type of preservatives we like. It's the material that continues growing through the months, driving more and more website traffic over time. Evergreen content requires little watering and can be redistributed months after its initial publication date and still seem relevant. This makes evergreen material more cost-effective and more productive than other forms of dated marketing.

Brand credibility

Through content marketing practices like blogging and socially commenting on industry trends, the brand is positioned as a thought leader in the market niche. Delivering knowledgeable, original pieces is how to build credibility and showcase your expert knowledge when attracting new customers.