5 Ways to Butter Up Your Clients This Valentine’s Day


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Ahhhh… the holiday for lovers! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to those clients you love. Make them feel special by someone other than a significant other on this lovey-dovey holiday.

Here are a few fun ideas for showing clients you care this V-Day!

#1. Start a Fundraiser


Part of being in a meaningful relationship is giving your best to your significant other. But try giving your best to others in need this Valentine’s Day and let your clients get involved. Set up a fundraiser for an organization that means a lot to you and your CRE business, like the American Heart Association! Or, for those extra special clients make a donation in their name and send them a little note to tell them you care about them and important organizations doing amazing things in their community!

#2. Send Old Fashioned Valentine’s Greetings


Remember in elementary school when you received those cute little Valentine’s Day greetings with lollipops and Nerds attached to them? Have you thought about bringing back the nostalgia for your clients and sending them your favorite valentine? Maybe even throw in a box of chocolates or some of your favorite candies from when you were kids.

#3. Call Them to Show Them You Care


When’s the last time you checked in with your best clients to tell them how much you appreciate them and their business? For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely holiday. Use the opportunity to drop in with a call or text and tell them how much you appreciate your business relationship on this special holiday!

#4. Send Treats for the Whole Office


Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where everyone forgets about their New Year’s Resolutions and their restrictive diets or exercise regimens, and they decide to treat themselves to all the candy, cakes and chocolates they can handle! Send a few dozen cupcakes, a giant box of chocolates or some Valentine’s Day donuts to the office of some of your clients. If you’ve ever worked in an office environment you know that they won’t go unappreciated… down to the last crumb!

#5. Don’t Forget the Singles


Not everyone is attached on Valentine’s Day, so you should pay special attention to those single clients that want to join in on the fun too! Send them a bottle of champagne or a gift card to a hot new restaurant or bar for a fun “Galentine’s Day” out with their girlfriends, or a night at the sports bar with their buddies. Any of your single clients will appreciate not being left out on this day made for couples!

You should appreciate those extra special clients year round, but the holiday of love is a great excuse to reach out and show them you care. Whether they’re single or attached, your clients will appreciate a visit from you as their little cupid on this warm and fuzzy holiday.


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