5 Ways to Build Your Personal Real Estate Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more efficient at building a personal real estate brand than other social networks. There are no silly cat videos or foodie posts clogging the feed. It’s focused on promoting your professional life and skills through the profile settings and publication feed. The image you craft through the profile photos, headlines, and accomplishments sells your business image. Use LinkedIn’s attributes to propel your real estate brand in a number of ways.

1- Updates Keep You Fresh

Regular updates through LinkedIn’s publication channels keep your brand top of mind. These can be as blog posts via your personal page, in sharing content through a group you belong to. The readers visiting LinkedIn are more likely to see your professionally published content on their feed than on other busy social networks. Keep your resume current with the latest projects or promotions. LinkedIn’s alert feature notifies followers when you’ve updated a milestone on your profile, refreshing your presence without selling.

2- Build Alliances

LinkedIn can help create alliances with other professionals through its networking and group options. Real estate professionals need connections with appraisers, financial lenders, interior designers, architects, developers and more. Join LinkedIn groups related to your niche and your general field. Become an active member by posting original content and responding to others’ comments. Participation increases the chances of earning business referrals.

3- Highlight Professional Accomplishments

When it comes to hiring a real estate professional, more members are using LinkedIn to research a potential candidate. LinkedIn provides space to highlight your professional accomplishments, whether a volunteer opportunity or winning a prestigious service award. It’s better than a plaque hanging on a wall; this is a pronouncement for all to see the fruits of your hard work.

4- Publish Blog Content

Most professional brands use blogging to generate useful content for their target audience. LinkedIn is another publication avenue users connect with the the brand’s blog or other content. Each post appears in your feed. It’s another way to highlight your expertise to professional readers and demonstrate your authority in your field.

5- Expand Network

LinkedIn helps users build a professional network of contacts through contacts. Research connections in similar businesses or customers that could benefit from your product and make the first online connection through Linkedin. Creative users can diversify their network through alumni connections or old contacts from prior careers.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment