5 Ways For You to Use Emotions In Your Marketing Strategy


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You want your ads to stand out. You want to be approachable. You want customers to walk away with the property of their dreams. How do you create an ad that embodies all of these goals if you aren’t going to make it personal? Here are ways to bring some emotion in your marketing strategy.

Be Inspirational

When people are inspired they often think or act differently. How do real estate businesses inspire? They need to connect a face with their brand. For instance, Sereno Group in California uses ads to highlight their charitable contributions to the community.  Their message is paired with beautiful images of community members. This is a great way to help potential clients feel like they can also have a positive impact in the community.

Be Aspirational

Aspirations create a brand presence that taps into an audience’s dreams, their desire to reach a lofty goal or enjoy a lifestyle or experience they have longed for. Commercial real estate marketers need to know their audience down the very dreams they’re after. They need to use their brand to target customers, showing them self-image and identity. The job of the marketer and the agent is to build a story that brings every dream to life.

Express Your Love

Detach yourself from the nameless, faceless profile looming in the cloud of social media. Drop down to earth and become not only a superstar agent, but the person who cares to see clients achieve their goals. You’re in it to win it with them. This strategy works wonders in such a competitive market. When the buildings and the advertising are essentially the same (hello there, commercial real estate), bring out an old-fashioned dose of tender love and care. The most effective way to humanize your brand is through personal interactions that will make your job better, easier, and will bring you joy.

Make a Milestone Connection

Will you ever forget that time your parents redecorated your house during Ikea’s birthday celebration? Everybody got free cake upon entering the store for about a month. After eating about fifteen pieces of perfectly moist vanilla cake with buttercream icing, that’s bound to be the first thing you think of when you see a big blue warehouse. Celebrate a milestone of your own, as an individual agent or as a company. You don’t have to go out and buy pastries for all your clients just because you’ve been in the biz for 10 years (but you totally can if you want, nobody will stop you). This is a chance to create a story and spark some memories and it’s up to you how creative you want to get.

Be Present

It’s simple: You must be consistent in your storytelling across platforms and in person. You must be active and engaging. You must also be present.

Tapping into the emotional side of marketing can be overwhelming. But we are all human so we get it. And we also understand the value of emotions in our interactions. We don’t suggest you give your marketing strategy an entire emotional overhaul--that would be a disaster. Simply understand your audience, tell a believable story, and prepare to work hard to show you care.

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