5 Types of Content You Should Share on LinkedIn



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

You keep hearing LinkedIn is excellent for business-to-business promotion and that it's a strong driver of traffic. But you're at a loss what to do. How do you switch gears from using LinkedIn as a resume to a lead-generating business machine? Here's the content you should be sharing to LinkedIn to build your platform.

#1. Blogs

Publishing a blog? Just as you do with your other social networks, publish it to LinkedIn. Many common blog platforms, such as Wordpress, have plug-ins or APIs that will auto-published to LinkedIn for you. However, we recommend personalizing the posting with a comment about the blog.

Another note about blogs: LinkedIn is notorious for long-form content performing well here. The optimal word count is 1900-2000 words. Pay special attention to the headline, which is a huge click-through attractor. Questions don’t perform as well. Make your headlines statements.

#2. Original research

Since LinkedIn is used by professionals to learn about the latest updates in the industry, it makes sense to share valuable content like industry research and white papers here. If it’s your brand’s original research, great! If not, share research by another industry-respected source. You can publish or share ebooks, but they’ll do better if they reference data sources.

#3. How-to content

Industry professionals turn to LinkedIn to learn about the latest trends and problems. It makes sense to address the “problems” part with content to solve others’ problems! This is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader. A recent study found how-to and list-style posts perform well on LinkedIn. They tend to get more post comments and LinkedIn Shares than non list-style posts. This is separate from the total length of posts.

#4. Professional Photos

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to share compelling business-related photography. Think of the business events and conferences you attend, but also special events around the workspace. One source found including at least eight images in a LinkedIn visual post increased its engagement.

#5. Professional Updates

Naturally, LinkedIn an ideal place to publish professional updates. For brands, this is company news: expansion, new product, new service. For individuals like real estate agents, it could be switching brokerages, a big closed sale, or special recognition. Pair the update with an eye-catching visual for best results.

Make LinkedIn part of your content strategy. Like any other social network you use, customize the content to fit what people are reading. We stay tuned with the latest LinkedIn updates, and can help you utilize the platform more effectively.

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