5 Tips to Snap Incredible Photos on Your Phone

We’ve all scoured through listings with poor photography: blurry, out of focus, and poor lighting that do nothing to compliment the space. High-quality photography is essential in content marketing, which includes posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Carrying around a HD camera to be ready for the perfect shot at anytime is a hassle, especially in today’s fast-paced social world. Thankfully it is possible to snap great photos using nothing but your phone. Improve your instant photography for your social networks by applying these five tips.

Take Your Case Off

Cases protect our most important technological tool from the rigors of everyday life. However, over time, despite how careful you are at protecting your phone, the sheet covering the camera lens declines in quality. Dust, microscopic scratches, warping, fog all deteriorate the covering transparency. Some phone cases interfere with how the lens interprets lighting. See for yourself: take a photo of the same object with the protective case on and off. Chances are the quality improves with the case off. For important photos, temporarily remove the case.

by Cody Lee, iDownloadBlog [http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/10/28/remove-purple-haze-app/]

by Cody Lee, iDownloadBlog [http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/10/28/remove-purple-haze-app/]

Photo Composition Matters

Let’s start with the basics: the rule of thirds says to place the most visually appealing part of the photo at an intersection of thirds or along a horizontal or vertical third. Today’s phones have a grid line setting to help line photos appropriately according to this photography rule.

Photo Credit: John R. Daily  http://www.ephemeral-epiphany.com/

Photo Credit: John R. Daily http://www.ephemeral-epiphany.com/

Turn on the grid:

  • iPhone: In "Settings" choose "Photos & Camera" and switch "Grid" on.

  • Samsung Galaxy: Launch the camera app, go to "Settings," scroll down and switch the "grid lines" option to "on."

Use negative space to your advantage. This space around and between the image’s subject makes the focus more apparent. Think bright blue sky around a residential home, or a stunning statue against a bare background wall.

Changing the shot’s angle can help create it stand out from a straight-on usual photo by creating depth or space. Play around with angles and negative space to create something visually stunning for the viewer. Perhaps a low-angled photo looking up a stunning staircase or an outdoor living space shot from the porch above will better illustrate unique features of a space.

Getting Creative with Photos

There are ways to play around with phone photography to make it look professionally shot. Reflections are one way to achieve a unique look. Capture a stunning sunset in an infinity-edge pool or reflect a green space in a sliding glass door. Lines draw the viewer’s eye. Use them to create visual depth along a walkway or a curling staircase.

A variety of apps are available that offer special photography touches like color blocking, enhanced high-definition photos, blurred focus and other professional tools. Play around the settings to create unique images right on your device.

For extra pop, some companies offer external lenses you can attach to your smartphone camera lens to create a fisheye photo or wide-angled shot.

Get Small, But Not Too Small

The problem with zoom is photo subjects wind up pixelated and blurry. Don’t be afraid to get close and use your phone’s tools to optimize your focus. Close ups capture intricate details that create visually compelling content. Plus image quality isn’t compromised and editing will be easier. This works great on a stone countertop or flooring where you can play around with using a subject and negative space: say a close-up of a bowl of fruit sitting on a stunning granite pattern to better highlight the stone’s color.

After Composition, Edit

Creating a smart composition is the first step in creating visually stunning photos. Next comes smart editing. Use photo app editors to remove blemishes, enhance exposure, and play with color filters. Crop photos to better focus on the space’s subject. Use filters to warm up a space based on the natural lighting of the day. Just edit with restraint to avoid going overboard. The end product should be natural-looking photos.

Solid photography skills are essential for real estate content marketing. Today’s social platforms are reliant on high-quality visuals; using these tips to snap a share-worthy shot right from your phone is an essential skill for any professional active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.  

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