5 tips on how to network at New York Deal Making

Get ready. Get set. The world’s second largest deal-marking event is just around the corner. ICSC New York National Deal-Making is expected to attract over 10,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors for two full days of networking and business negotiation. Two days is not a lot of time to meet, greet, and socialize with thousands of people. Make the most of your networking experience when the clock hits “go!”

  1. Know The Attendees. Scan the list of attendees and exhibitors at the ICSC New York website now. Identify the top companies and/or individuals you want to engage with at the event and write down a goal for each contact. Perhaps it’s just an introduction you’re looking to make in hopes of nurturing the relationship into something greater in the months ahead. Maybe you have product questions or you have a service you want to elevator pitch in hopes of enticing their interest. Add a column listing where they might be by referencing the deal-making floor plan. Focus on the attendees’ exhibits or workshops. Finally, memorize the faces and the names--you never know when you’ll just happen to walk by someone you want to meet.

  2. Engage before the event. The ICSC mobile app allows its members to connect 365 days a year. Use it to contact attendees. Or use social networking to make contact. Reference the hashtag #NYnDM and respond to @ICSC to market your brand presence before the event. Like, engage, and share content from your priority networking list socially before heading off to ICSC. Don’t be shy--tell them you’re looking forward to a personal meeting.

  3. Email ahead of time. Consider the prospect a top priority? Forget scrambling to find them. Email them before the event and request a meeting. Make it clear why you’re asking for the meeting and what topics will be covered. That way you’re assured a face-to-face connection while maximizing the time spent together.

  4. Don’t ignore them. After the initial meeting, whether a scheduled event or a five-minute elevator ride, if you see them at the coffee service or in a lunch line, say hello. Wave, nod, smile--whatever it is, keep building that positive impression built during your initial contact.

  5. Networking continues after ICSC. The wheeling and dealing is over and everyone’s flown back home. Now is the time to continue working those contacts made during New York Deal Making. Send the top priority a list a personal thank-you note. Continue to engage with the contact on their social networking platforms and through email.

Enjoy every moment of the ICSC New York Deal-Making. Being prepared is the best way to make the most of an exciting two days with the industry’s top experts.


Lindsey ImperatoreComment