5 Tips for Staying Motivated and Productive This Summer


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When the days are warmer and longer, everybody seems to struggle with the same problem--staying motivated during the workday. It’s something we can all understand. The summer months are slower, but that doesn’t mean they have to be less productive for your team. Take advantage of the downtime to recoup energy, reconsider strategies, and come up with fresh ideas for all four seasons! Here are five tips for staying engaged and productive this summer.

#1. Plan Ahead

Stay on top of all the vacations. You need to know precisely who is away, at what time, and for how long. You can plan workloads to keep everybody prepared and ahead of schedule. Use tools such as Hootsuite to schedule pre-planned social media and blog posts. This advanced scheduling will help relieve the pressure of the team members at the office, and those on vacation can genuinely enjoy their easy, breezy getaway.

#2. Communicate

Short-term staff shortages are felt most often in the summer. If the team is covering more work than usual, they need to know they can speak up if they’re struggling. Sure, a little stress can be a productivity booster for some people. But, in general, feeling overwhelmed leads to mediocre work. When a team member speaks up, listen! It's better to lend a helping hand early rather than tend to a cry for help later.

#3. Break Out of the Office

Many businesses slow down for the summer. Use this time to get out there and build your network! Take a client out to a nice lunch. Or chat it up with another agent over coffee. These are the types of outings that build strong relationships with the company be ready when work picks back up again in the autumn!

If you don’t have engagements out of the office, try to get out anyway! If you’re able to, take your computer outside for thirty minutes to check emails. The idea isn’t to pack up your entire desk and move it to the patio. Pick one easy task to accomplish under the summer sun and take only what you need to complete it--nothing more.

#4. Treat Your Team

Let’s give it up for the team, working hard while others are sipping out of coconuts and bronzing their skin (But really, good for those people, too!). It’s time to take a team break: karaoke night, a boat trip, a fancy dinner--you name it! Just make sure you don’t let the summer days melt away without something fun planned for the office. It’ll keep spirits high. And the high morale that comes with these fun team building activities is usually followed by positive vibes and productivity.

#5. Offer Flexible Work Hours

Some companies are on a set schedule with no room to budge--not even an hour. That’s just how it can be. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a company that is open to flexible schedules--even if it’s only for the summer months--it’s worth your serious consideration. Imagine how much more motivated everyone would be if the team arrived one hour early and got to leave one hour early to take advantage of the long summer nights.

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