5 Skills That You Can Learn From Twitter



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

As copywriters, we know writing summaries is hard. In Twitter’s early days, some users expressed frustration over the 140-character limit. It’s one reason why shortened text lingo evolved: from people trying to fit their message and web link into the limit. Twitter’s evolved, but along the way, we’ve learned a few things thanks to the social network.

#1. How to write succinctly

Let’s start with the obvious. Twitter taught us each word has value. We learned to literally choose our words wisely. The character limits force the fluff away. Even since Twitter raised the character limit, a tweet must be concise to fit the 280 characters.

#2. How to virtually network

Twitter makes it easy to talk about anything with anyone, but there’s still a method behind social networking. Building relationships takes time. Through Twitter’s networking and chats, we’ve learned how to ask engaging questions to start conversations. We’ve learned the value of following and responding to trends. Social networking works by tagging real people in posts and giving them credit when credit is due. Most importantly, we’ve seen the value between linking real world and social engagement. Twitter is great to network before, during, and after big events.

#3. How to curate content

Thousands of blogs, infographics, and memes are published each day. Twitter is not an exception. The play-by-play feeds can be hard to follow. Through Twitter’s lists and hashtags, we’ve learned how to cut through the chatter to find great ideas. It starts with finding great people publishing original ideas or sourcing well-curated Twitter lists on a particular topic.

#4. How to become a thought leader

Twitter’s crowded network is fast-paced. It’s easy for the audience to miss your updates simply because so much content is published each minute. Twitter taught us the need to publish original content and optimize with eye-catching titles.

Being a thought leader means speaking your mind and sharing ideas. Using Twitter successfully requires sharing original thoughts and opinions on the works you read. A thought leader doesn’t just spew content; they discuss ideas with others and add commentary to industry trends.

#5. How to start discussions

Twitter’s refined how we begin social conversations. On such a busy network, it’s easy to ask questions to the Twitter-sphere and receive no answer. Engagement requires finding opportunities to interact, like hosting a Twitter chat or posting a pool. We know to connect conversations to specific people using their handles. Topics trend when they are newsworthy or engaging.

Thanks to Twitter, one of the pioneers of social networks, we learned these values that carry over to other social platforms. Even as Twitter evolves, it will continue to educate and inspire conversation. Considering a refresh to your Twitter feed? The right approach positions you as a thought leader in the industry.

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