5 Reliable Sources To Learn About Analytics


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Don’t be bogged down by analytics! Understanding your social media performance is essential to fine-tuning a winning strategy. What if you need a deeper understanding of your social performance metrics? Any of these five sources offer website analytics education for your social media marketing work with materials targeted to all levels of familiarity.

Google Analytics Academy

A basic understanding of Google Analytics is a must for anyone trying to improve their website traffic and performance, including marketers. Why not go straight to the source? Google Analytics Academy has four free modules for a range of experience levels. “Basic” introduces Analytics novices to tracking codes, setting up an account, basic reporting, and campaign tracking. “Advanced” covers data processing and configuration, collection, and more complex analysis. “Google Analytics for Power Users” targets those with a strong understanding of Analytics wanting to learn and practice actionable analyses. Finally, if your brand has enterprise-level Google Analytics 360, there is a starting module about its features and integrations.

General Assembly

For a more formal analytics education, General Assembly teaches in-demand skills through its data analysis courses and boot camps. Introductory classes teach fundamental modeling techniques and understanding large data sets, but there are more advanced classes on data analysis. Classes are in the evening, weekend, or as 1-week accelerators offered on-campus and online.


This long-running website is a leader for information on business analytics, big data, data mining, machine learning and more. It’s won over 80 awards or notable mentions. Example: the website ranked No. 1 in LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Data Science & Analytics. Daily new posts present industry-leading information for experts and new analysts alike. There are tutorials and overviews, like “Intro to Data Science for Managers,” and helpful posts like the “Google Analytics Audit Checklist and Tools.”

Neil Patel

If you’ve done any research into content marketing and driving website traffic, at some point you have come across Neil Patel. On his blog is a series of posts and podcasts specifically on analytics. Learn about segmenting, driving sales, measuring and improving content marketing, and more guided by smart analytics.


Another inbound marketer and SEO brand selling software, Moz’s blog offers helpful articles about analytics and conducting tracking experiments. Search the “analytics” tag, and you’ll get pages of best practices on managing and understanding your data authored by a range of industry experts.

Additionally, social media networks offer digitized help guides on using their specific tracking software. It’s worth your time to read Facebook’s Insights, Twitter’s Business Solutions or Developer Help, Instagram Business Tips, or LinkedIn’s metrics guide. Their blogs offer some network-specific best practices.

You won’t be able to prove if your social media and blogging efforts are working without proper intelligence. Understanding the numbers and how they are gathered is crucial to your social strategy. If you’re going to work with social media, you need to understand analytics.

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