5 Important Skills to Look for When Hiring a Content Marketer


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So, you’ve decided to hire a content marketer. It’s the first step in taking your commercial real estate business to the next level by providing your potential clients with powerful content showcasing your expertise. But to prove the depth and breadth of your experience, you need a content marketer who can successfully communicate that.

With so many content marketers floating around in cyberspace, what are the important details you should be paying attention to when making your hiring decision? We’re here to break it down for you.

#1. They know how to use words to both inform, and entertain.

Most people that advertise their writing services have a good understanding of the English language and basic grammar – we hope! But if you’re looking for someone to really drive clients to your CRE business, the writing needs to be engaging and entertaining. If it’s dry and dull your potential clients will lose interest and move on after the first paragraph of your latest blog.

#2. They understand your market.

Even if you find a great content marketer, they should also understand what makes your market tick. How can they turn your content into easily consumable information for your audience if they don’t understand it themselves? Find someone who only works in commercial real estate and will be able to enhance your content with their own experience and successes marketing in the CRE industry.

#3. They understand the basics of selling.

There’s a real science to selling through content, and in a way that doesn’t feel like selling to your clients. Let’s call it persuasive writing. Regardless of the term we use for it, a great content marketer knows how to do it. It’s the subtle hints and the showcasing of your expertise that builds loyalty in potential clients that ultimately leads to conversion. Make sure you find someone that can articulate this process, and ultimately deliver it.

#4. They can do more than just write.

Content marketing is so much more than just good writing and you should search for someone that’s the whole package. You’ll likely need graphics to go with your content – does your marketer provide design assistance? You should also have blog titles that translate to social media marketing or advertisements – does your content marketer really get Twitter and Facebook? These are important questions to ask.

#5. They happily provide you with analytics or testimonials.

A successful content marketer will be excited to share their big wins and feedback from happy clients. If they aren’t willing to provide their success stats or client testimonials it may be that they are hiding something. Ask them to brag and make sure they do!

Picking your content marketer is a very important job as they will be a huge extension of your brand. But the experts at The Content Funnel have you covered. With a deep knowledge of your market, proven success and a clear strategy, you’ll rest easy knowing your content marketing strategy is taken care of.

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