5 Benefits of Real Estate Content Marketing

Thanks to content marketing, brands are no longer perceived as sterile, polished corporations. Ranking as a leader doesn't mean copying the textbook of marketing strategies. Marketing has turned from pushing product to enriching relationships with customers and employees. Now it’s okay, even encouraged, to have a personality. Content marketing is how brands bare their soul. Real estate businesses executing a smart social, email, and website strategy reap benefits on multiple levels.

Establish Authority

True leaders avoid copying and pasting from others. Companies excel when demonstrating the deep industry knowledge that differentiates them from their competition and highlights how customers benefit from their expertise. Real estate industry leaders use content marketing to showcase why their brand is the authority in your field. Original blog posts, infographics, and videos are how brands communicate expertise and attract new customers.

Better Brand Reputation

All produced content reflects a brand’s reputation. Content marketing is how customers come to value products and services. When content exists to help or to inform, are more likely customers discover a brand. The higher in quality, the more likely the customer will return to or share the content. The more content appears on social news feeds, the more customers recognize a brand’s authority in the field. See more ways content marketing can build your real estate brand.

Improved SEO

Businesses love when customers organically find their product or service because that means they attracted a lead without spending anything in marketing. Actually, they did spend something in marketing. By creating blogs, podcasts, infographics, ebooks, and social media posts, they generated materials to entice customer visits. Increased visits, in-links and a wealth of content caused search engines to bump their rank near the top of the results. Search engines identify good content as easily indexable, mobile optimized, and generating traffic. Not producing quality content on a consistent basis decreases the chances of organic discovery through search engines.

Higher Engagement with the Audience

Whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, most companies exist to solve problems. How do you know if your product is working? How do you know if your customer has a new problem that you could solve? Content marketing allows brands to directly interact with their audience in ways traditional markers could not have imagined two decades ago. Through surveys, polls, Q & A, chats, and other social media platforms, real estate service providers gain the feedback that could inspire a new service, make a product better, or attract a new customer. Content marketing is how businesses talk with their best advertisers: their fans.

Decreased Marketing Cost

Traditional marketing methods can bust budgets, especially for strapped start-ups. Today's content marketing platforms and analytics track the results down to pennies on the dollar. Companies target with incredible detail who is seeing their advertising, ensuring the right customers are viewing the product. This is more effective than a direct mail blast to an entire neighborhood. Now marketing campaigns are reaching the consumers who are most likely to need the service and boosting their returns. Given time, produced content becomes a recyclable resource that continues generating potential leads.

Content marketing done right boosts website traffic and customer generation. These masters of real estate content demonstrate how industry leaders use best practices build brand reputation and establish authority in the field.