4 SEO Myths – Debunked!


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SEO. The three letters that breed panic in so many business owners and marketers. With all the white papers, courses and ads for getting your website “on the first page of Google,” it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to your SEO strategy. But we’re here to open the lid on the SEO mystery box.

Myth #1: Links trump content.

Many people believe that for their website to rank amongst the highest in their industry, they need an endless number of links to enhance their SEO strategy. Yes, building links is still a very important part of ranking factors, but it’s no longer the most important.

Content is king, especially now. And providing engaging content for your audience will lead to more organic backlinks and website traffic. So, if you’re trying to decide where to budget your marketing dollars – an SEO wizard or a quality writer – pick the writer every time!

Myth #2: SEO is something a technical person needs to handle.

You may think you need to pick out the nerdy millennial tech guy in your company to handle the complicated world of SEO, but you should really reconsider. Yes, your IT person or developer might be great at optimizing your website for mobile usage or improving the user experience, two important components of SEO, but true SEO should be driven by your creative team.

A quality SEO strategy will be successful through engaging content, and that means having a great writer on your team. So, think twice before turning over this ever-changing world of SEO to an IT person when it’s really time to call in the creatives!

Myth #3: The more pages and keywords I have, the higher my page will rank.

No, no, and no! This may have been the old school way of thinking when people were manipulating data and keywords to increase their Google rankings, but the search engine has become much more sophisticated when it comes to evaluating website quality.

Google has revved up the way they evaluate website content, and they are no long indexing pages that have similar information as other pages or that don’t provide any value for readers. It’s all about sharing sought after content, not how many times you used “commercial real estate” in three paragraphs. It’s time to step up your game if you want to compete in today’s world of SEO.

Myth #4: SEO is just about being on the first page of Google.

It seems like getting on the first page of a Google search has become the holy grail of SEO, but that may be short sighted. While searchers do favor the first three returned results on a Google search, top results on the second or third pages are also getting higher click through rates as people become pickier about the content they are looking for.

And for what keywords are you ranking? Are these your target clients and are they clicking through to your content, or reaching out to you? Attracting an audience is important, but providing value that results in a share, phone call or e-mail is much more valuable to your business success.

SEO can be scary. But it’s actually quite simple. Quality content trumps any algorithms or strategies you’ve cooked up. Providing consistent, valuable and easily consumable information for your target audience will improve your search traffic and bring your business much more success than any rumored SEO tips and tricks.



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