4 Best Real Estate Brands on Pinterest

Pinterest is exploding in popularity. Users create a virtual corkboard of “pins,” saving website pages or products they like or find useful. Users can start multiple boards of interests, like “DIY” or “Waterfront Living.” If your real estate venture is highly visual, this could be a social media platform to optimize your business and reach new customers. For ideas on how Pinterest can work for real estate brands, check out these leaders:

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy’s Pinterest page is a treasure trove of high-quality images. The key to Apartment Therapy’s success is frequently publishing new Pins during the day to keep their presence top and center. It increases the chances their content will be viewed and pinned into other users’ boards. Apartment Therapy currently has 78 boards covering ideas for apartments living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, before and after projects, cleaning, DIY, and more. See their Pinterest page.

The Corcoran Group

This real estate industry leader uses a main image with a title feature text, helping its viewers focus on the stunning images without needing to click on a description. They have 17 boards themed around places like Manhattan and South Florida, but include other relevant boards like bedroom and kitchen styles and social boards like an “Inhabit Culture” and “Histories & Spaces”. See their Pinterest page.

Debe Maxwell, Charlotte Real Estate Agent

Maxwell isn’t using her boards to just promote listings. Here users will gain a sense of the entire Charlotte Metro Area. Her 46 boards range from “Charlotte Neighborhoods” to styles of homes, like bungalows and luxury living. One board is dedicated to local area videos, another to restaurants, and another on volunteer opportunities. The majority of pins use high-quality images or videos, although some pins showcase news graphics and charts. See her Pinterest page.


The leader in 3D and virtual is using Pinterest to promote CRETech and Virtual Reality. The six boards have over 130 pins with a standard graphic design that matches their branding. Images and videos are high quality. Pins include videos testimonials and examples of their virtual tour technology. See their Pinterest Page.

Content posted to Pinterest has a longer shelf life than other forms of content. Discovery and search powers the platform, not recency of posting. Its evergreen value means pins are now driving around 5% of referral traffic, according to Shareaholic research. Create high-quality pins and optimize your website to see the best results. For ideas on finding images, refer to 10 Great Stock Image Sources.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment