3 Marketing Efforts That Will Give Your Blog the Biggest Content Boost Yet


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Current Status: The blogging scene is lit in every sector of real estate. Efforts to build and maintain strong personal brands and attract new clients have agents publishing blog content now more than ever before. It’s an incredibly useful tool to get yourself known on the web, but with everyone and their grandma (there are some very productive retirees out there!) blogging, you have to be willing to go the extra mile to stand out.

So you want to strategize and start blogging smarter. What does it take to get more clients and grow your real estate business? We’re going to tell you.

Not Your Average CRE Resource

You’re investing a heck of a lot of resources on content marketing so you better be making it worth your while. To get the most bang for your buck (aka ROI) on these efforts you have to build a large and loyal audience of readers. If your content has a wow factor, followers will help you promote your blog posts to the people outside of your network. How do you dazzle the reader enough to get them to share? Write about what other brokers have bypassed. It’s time to think outside of the commercial real estate box.

In addition to the important stuff (buying and selling trends, changes in the industry, what to look for in….yawn) position yourself as a broader resource. This is sure to boost your personal brand as an agent, get more eyes on your content, and have you rubbing shoulders with people seeking some of your CRE wisdom. Some knock-your-socks-off topics could include community guides and updates, advice on co-buying properties, and novel ways to target the upcoming generation of buyers.

Above and Beyond the Blog

It’s not enough to simply publish interesting blog posts anymore. Don’t get us wrong. You still need to be keeping things fresh on your blog. But if you want to really stand apart from the other agents, you need to dedicate your time and energy and money to developing additional resources (which have the potential to be interesting blog topics themselves). We’re talking about ebooks, worksheets and checklists, videos, and online tools. An effective way to release these value-adds is by offering content upgrades on your blog where you basically trade the bonus info for an email address.

Anything is Possible if You Ask

Simply ask the people you know to spread the word when a new blog post goes live. This is so simple you might not have thought to give it a try. So few content marketers actually take the time to ask business partners and colleagues, family members, and even friends for help when it comes time to promote. Trust us when we say that a loyal or former client will be more than willing to promote your blog if you took the time to ask!

The easiest way to do this is to send a few emails or LinkedIn messages asking people to share your latest post with their online community. To get some response you need to be authentic and personal about it, even if that means taking the time to write some brief, individual emails.

Set Your Goals and Track Them

What’s the point of making any of these changes if you’re not going to set goals and track progress along the way? If you aren’t checking stats, you won’t get ahead in any way. Period. Are you trying to drive traffic? Boost your personal brand? Convert more blog visitors into clients? Define your goals and set milestone markers along the way.

Make these small shifts in your marketing strategy and you will become a sophisticated CRE content marketer. With a fesh and savvy approach you won’t even recognize the person who used to publish all those blogs in months past.

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