3 Easy Tips to Write Blogs They'll Want to Read

When was the last time you sat down to read something boring? No busy professional wants to spend time reading through the Moby Dick of blogs. The best bloggers know how to write engaging material that their audience will actually read from title to conclusion. Here’s how they do it:

#1. Skip the Promotion

Blogging about your business is like the car commercials that scream about their upcoming holiday sale. No one likes them. People are not shopping for your business. People are shopping to help themselves. To that end, your blogs should never be a sales pitch about your product. Blogs should provide ways to solve your reader’s problems. There are other ways to turn visitors into leads. For an example visit Hightower’s Blog. Not once in the blog feed does this real estate tech company overtly pitch their products.

#2. Know What Your Customers Are Asking

Are you listening to your customers? People have problems and they want them solved! Make notes about what they are asking no matter where it comes from--phone call, email, a conference, a meeting. If someone is posing a question to you as an expert in the field, you can guarantee it’s being searched online. These questions can turn into blog posts about topics they’ll actually read. If questions are few and far between, pretend to be the client and think about what content would be useful. Look to the BiggerPockets Blog for inspiration--their entire platform is built around helping its readers solve their problems. As a result BiggerPockets has created an engaged social community.

#3. Keep topics focused

Blogging is not the time to multi-task. When users are searching the web they are searching for one specific thought at a time. “Best Ice-Skating Rinks in New York City” not “Best ice-skating rinks and movie theaters in New York City.” Keep the topic simple to gain their attention and boost your SEO. At the same time, be cautious of selecting a broad topic like “co-working.” Writing just about “co-working” will turn into an in-depth white paper, not a short, easy read. That single overarching topic can turn into blogs about the best co-working spaces, co-working etiquette, tips for better co-working, etc. These topics generate focused blogs that will address your reader’s needs while keeping it simple. Check out these excellent non-examples of blog topics gone wrong.

That’s it: keep is simple, write to your audience, and drop the sales pitch to create engaging content for readers. Keep your readers coming back by avoiding these six common blogging mistakes.


Lindsey ImperatoreComment