21 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Blog

You’ve created an epic piece of real estate content for your blog —now what? Use this ultimate checklist of 21 ways to promote your real estate blog to ensure your content is seen by the widest audience possible.

#1. Create Interesting, Buzz-Worthy Content

Even if you’re the world’s greatest blog promoter, your promotion efforts will fall short if your content is lackluster. Start with an understanding of your audience to create interesting, buzz-worthy pieces that inspiring sharing.

#2. Don’t Forget the Power of the Headline

Your headline shouldn’t be an afterthought —titles are what entice people to click through and read your piece. HubSpot, ContentIdeator, and Content Row offer title generators that may offer some inspiration.

#3. Send Out an Email Blast

When a new blog goes live, it’s best practice to send an email to your subscribers. And, don’t be afraid to send another email a few days later to those who didn’t open your first one to encourage readership —just be sure to change the subject line.

#4. Make it Easy to Share

Make sure that each post on your blog is easily shared with sharing buttons at the bottom of the post. If you’re Wordpress based, Simple Share Button Adder and Social Warfare are great plugins to achieve this goal.

#5. Promote on Twitter (and Do it Again!)

Share your latest content via Twitter several times on the day it goes live. You’ll also want to schedule a cadence of future tweets to go out during the following weeks for maximum exposure. This can be pre-scheduled using a platform like Hootsuite.

#6. Don’t Forget to @Mention

If you’ve mentioned a company or thought leader in your post, be sure to @mention them in your tweets, which will alert them to the post. They’ll likely share with their followers and —bam! Your reach is growing.

#7. Share on Facebook

Don’t forget to share the content on Facebook, too. You’re not limited by 180 characters on Facebook the way you are on Twitter, so use the opportunity to tell your audience why they should read and share this post.

#8. Share on LinkedIn

While this might not be the best avenue for your latest family vacation recap blog, it’s a great place for business-focused content that would appeal to a professional audience.

#9. Cross Promote on Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Consider also posting it to relevant LinkedIn groups. A quick search for real estate-related LinkedIn groups returns literally hundreds of options.

#10. Republish on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a blogging platform, which —rather than posting a link to your blog content— allows you to create content directly within the site. Best practice is to republish your blog with a link that reads: “This article first appeared on ___”

#11. Share on Google+

Google+ is another great place to share and promote your content, and it can even help with your search engine rankings.

#12. Consider Pinterest

If your content has visual interest, consider posting the article to Pinterest. Real estate agent Bill Gassett utilizes this strategy for promoting his original content.

#13. Play Around With Timing

Is your audience checking Twitter during their morning commute? Would you get more “likes” if you posted to Facebook in the early evening? Play around with the timing of your posts for maximum sharing. We talked about this more in depth here.

#14. Be Thankful

Don’t forget to thank the people who like, retweet, and share your content. No, this doesn’t mean you need to write a thank you card —but responding to them builds great social capital.

#15. Look for Content Aggregators

Content aggregators like The News Funnel allow your content to be seen by a larger audience pool. You can set up a free company profile that will automatically broadcast your content to thousands of real estate professionals.

#16. Link Related Articles

The reader made it to the end of your blog post —now what? Make sure you’re linking a few of your previously published blogs that are relevant to keep the promotion going.

#17. Do a “Top Blog” Post

Have some pieces that really did well? Consider putting them together in a “Top Blog” post to inspire new engagement. Not only is this a very shareable and SEO friendly post idea, it allows you to create content without writing!

#18. Add it to Your Signature

There are several email signature plugins for platforms like Gmail that will auto populate your most recent blog post into your email signature. Check out WiseStamp, it’s one of the best.

#19. Create a Visual Infographic

Consider turning your latest piece into a visual infographic to repurpose the content and keep the momentum going. These visual pieces are great for platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Check out PiktoChart, a great online infographic design tool.

#20. Pitch to Local Press

Don’t hesitate to pitch your article to local press.

#21. Promote Internally

Are you part of a larger company, brokerage, or team? Send your latest article to your colleagues and ask that they share it with their sphere.

Putting it into Practice

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be! Connect with our expert Content Marketing team to learn how we can help with everything from writing content to managing your social media.