11 Killer Twitter Tools for Real Estate Marketers

Whether you’re new to Twitter or have been around the twitterverse a few times, there’s no denying that keeping up with your Twitter account —from scheduling posts to replying to mentions— can be a full-time job. But, with so many great Twitter tools available to real estate influencers and marketers, it doesn’t have to be!

Here are eleven killer Twitter tools you should check out:

#1. Social Mention

Social Mention is a free online service that allows you to learn about brand mentions and interactions. You can learn how often your brand is being discussed, how likely someone is to repeat the mention, the positive or negative sentiment, and the reach. You can also get an RSS feed of your mentions to stay on top of your social media game.

#2. Mention

Mention is another way to monitor and visualize your online presence. The platform, which offers a free trial, allows you to monitor millions of sources in real team and in 40+ languages, so you can monitor, react, and interact with your sphere. You can also get a daily email of your mentions from the previous day, and can export stats to a .pdf or .csv file.

#3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is perhaps the best free social media management tool available to real estate marketers. It allows you to schedule and post updates on various platforms —including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+— and provides weekly analytics reports and team management.

#4. TweetReach

If you want to know how far your tweets reach, use TweetReach to measure the actual impact of your social media discussions. You can also learn who your most influential followers are —which means you can be hyper targeted when sharing and promoting your real estate content.

#5. Klout

Klout measures influence through engagement on Twitter and bases your “klout” on their unique scoring system. It allows you to see how you’re resonating with your audience and what influences them the most, so you can adjust as needed.

#6. Twazzup

If you’re new to social media, you might like Twazzup. Just enter the name you want to track and you’ll get instant, real-time updates from the most active influencers, top retweeted photos and links, and the top ten keywords related to your search.

#7. HowSociable

Another great monitoring tool is HowSociable. Use it to measure your —or your competitors’— social media presence. The free account will allow you to monitor a handful of platforms, or upgrade to monitor more. Rather than lump all the platforms together, HowSociable gives you scores for each platform —allowing you to see which social media platforms are performing the best for you.

#8. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is another great option for the beginner. While it’s not as robust as platforms like Hootsuite, you can schedule and monitor tweets, as well as interactions and messages. The platform also allows you to track hashtags and manage multiple accounts.

#9. Buffer

If you like the ability to schedule your tweets in advance, Buffer is another great tool. It also allows for great analytics on your tweets, which can help you determine what is resonating with your audience and the time period in which your tweets are getting the most attention.

#10. Twitterfeed

Struggling for content to share via Twitter? Twitterfeed lets you add RSS feeds (yours and others) to be shared automatically through your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. You can also customize the tweets to show the title of the new post, and add the original poster’s username so you can always let them know you’re tweeting about them.

#11. Sniply

Want your followers to follow you around the web? Try Sniply. It allows you to create a custom sharing bar that goes with any links you share throughout their service. It can have a custom CTA (call to action) —or even your website— so your customized information is at the top of every link.

Boosting Your Twitter Strategy

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Putting it into Practice

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