10 Essential Tools for Effective Real Estate Content Marketing

Content Marketing is finally being embraced by the real estate industry. Many leading companies are using this innovative marketing strategy to effectively build their brand and drive customer engagement. It's no wonder that the leading-edge firms like Colliers International, NAI Global, Elliman, CBRE and JLL are way ahead of this trend, as well as innovators in the real estate tech world like Hightower, Zillow, Fundrise, Compstak, theBrokerList and WiredScore.

Here are the 10 essential tools for an effective real estate Content Marketing program:

1. Learn about Content Marketing for real estate

First and foremost, take some time to understand what Content Marketing is and how it relates to the real estate industry. We wrote this eBook called “Everything You Need to Know to Start a Real Estate Content Marketing Plan” that contains information and advice about starting a Content Marketing plan.

2. Ask yourself questions

Here is a guide created by the Content Marketing Institute with 36 questions you should ask yourself when creating a documented Content Marketing strategy.

3. Define your objectives

Start off by defining your Content Marketing objectives. Who are you trying to reach? What is your brand identity? What do you hope to achieve? Here is a link to a content planning template from Hubspot that will help you get started.

4. Create a content calendar

Get organized by creating a content calendar that will outline when your content gets posted, where it gets posted, and who is posting it. Download our free Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template here.

5. Build a site to host your content

Whether you choose to have a separate content site like JLL Realviews or CBRE Blueprint, or add your blog to your company website, you will need a place for people to come visit and consume your content. Wordpress and Squarespace are great places to start when building a blog.

6. Measure and analyze

Now that you have your content organized and your site up and running, monitor and analyze it to see what’s performing well and what’s not. Google Analytics is a great tool that you can connect to your blog that will track every metric including pageviews, time spent on site, bounce rate and more.

7. Create a lead generation strategy

If your number one Content Marketing goal is to generate leads, you aren’t alone. Set your blog up with a lead generation strategy to capture contact information and email addresses. For example, your goal may be to build an email list. There are many tools you can use that will generate leads via your blog, like Privy, a free popup form builder.  

8. Build an email list

If you are creating great content, your followers will want to come back for more. By adding an email capture form to your blog, you can start building a list of users who want to be alerted each time you publish new content. You can use an email marketing service, like MailChimp, where you can set up an RSS-based email that will send automatically when you post a new blog.

9. Use social media and platforms to maximize sharing potential

Now that you have a Content Marketing plan in place, make sure you use social media and platforms to maximize your sharing potential. Hootsuite is a social media management tool to organize the content you share across your different networks. You can schedule, monitor and view reports...for free! The News Funnel is also a powerful real estate content platform where you can share your content at no cost and reach over 125,000 real estate professionals directly.

10. Lastly, ask your colleagues to share and find guest bloggers

It’s also important to leverage your connections to get people to share your content. It can’t hurt to send an email out to your colleagues and ask them to share! You can also drive engagement by encouraging guest bloggers to contribute, as they will share with their own networks.

Follow these essential ten steps and you will undoubtedly tap into the power of Content Marketing for your real estate brand.

Lindsey Imperatore